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GREAT blog Marcus. Nice reflection on what is so important in life. If I was able to do one thing that made a HUGE difference to my energy levels would be able to "turn my mind off". I am vary aware of balance in life but even when I come away from my desk, away from a meeting a way from a challenge, my mind never seems to swith off! Even being in the gym or sitting watching a movie, my mind is ticking away on how to take on that bigger challenge that I am going to take on.... I do find that it has a reaction in my body too... It can make one physically tense.

Re Sam Warburton, the ref should have given him a yellow card and a penalty but Warburton shouldn't have made that kind of tackle anyway... but it's amazing how pumped up you can be early i9n a big game like that. Also, he is only 23 years old and mistakes like that will happen. I still think a red card was WAY over the top.



Good stuff Marcus. I don't have a problem finding my "inner child", it's trying to shake off the "outer adult" that I struggle with!!

Yes, I truly agree with you that Focused energy is important to achieve the targets. Positive energy when used on a proper focus goes, then it really achieves the target.

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