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Great reminder, thanks Marcus! Action is the key! We know it's coming, but what actions will we take???
What actions would you recommend to take Marcus?

He may be right but he shouldent have said that he prays every night for a recession which is basically saying that he doesnt mind if his friends get wiped out as long as he is ok..

Jaw dropping video though and usually this doesnt make it onto the tv

Hi Marcus, this guy is so right, it doesn't shock me, it's only the truth, and i think he is quite courageous to say that on TV.
Now, i am ready to take action, thanks to "mytradingclub", but shall we do with the money that is already in bank accounts ? Should we open bank accounts in Switzerland ??
All the best

People are only out for themselves, whether it be for a job, food or stock market earnings. It also is scary to see how much influence someone has on millions of people and he doesn't even have that much credibility. People just listen and do. Pathetic. Learn the basics of the stock market to get ahead.

Very timid gentleman, infact sooo timid I would not venture to ask him for advice. Furthermore, make money from a downwards market just sounded as a repetition from a course he followed recently, so he scared the lady, but that was not a feat ;-)

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